Maison Margiela chunky square ring - SILVER
John Varvatos distressed signet ring - GOLD
Northskull Atticus skull ring - GOLD
Alexander McQueen engraved logo ring - SILVER
Versace crystal detail ring - GOLD
M. Cohen structured ring - Metallic
Aries Motif Statement Ring
Versace Medusa ring - Metallic
Tom Wood Brown Tiger eye ring - SILVER
Prada engraved logo ring - SILVER
Northskull atticus skull ring - Metallic
Ugo Cacciatori rose ring - Metallic
Gas Bijoux Destinee ring - Metallic
Nialaya Jewelry Trio-Row ring - Black
Gucci pearl effect ring - Metallic
Nialaya Jewelry paneled curved ring - Yellow
Dolce & Gabbana RINGS - GOLD
Shaun Leane Arc ring - Metallic
Greek Motif Medusa Pinky Ring
Ambush stacked ring - SILVER
Goti intertwined ring - SILVER
Alexander McQueen skull embossed ring - SILVER
Bed J.W. Ford crowned jewel ring - SILVER
Acies Double Oxidized Enameled Ring
Raf Simons Soda Can Pull Tab ring - SILVER
Northskull Skull ring - Metallic
Flame Ring
Alexander McQueen skull detail ring - SILVER
John Hardy Silver and Mixed Stone Legends Naga Ring - Metallic
Nialaya Jewelry polished classic ring - Grey
Nialaya Jewelry mini signet ring - GOLD
Tom Wood cushion green marble ring - SILVER
Gemstone Skull Ring
Ara Engraved Silver Ring W/ Stone
Tom Wood oval open spinel ring - SILVER
Versace Medusa head ring - GOLD
Tobias Wistisen twisted ring - Metallic
Versace Medusa signet ring - GOLD
The Great Frog lion ring - SILVER
Emanuele Bicocchi engraved ring - Metallic